Newest release from Andy Mortville’s whatever project, Dumb Church. This one sounds entirely different from the last; Dumb Church basically exists so that Andy can dick around and record it, and all of these songs were written by him, at work, on his phone. Really low rent/low commitment, but catchy and experimental. Simple arrangements of programmed/manual Drum sample, eBass and soft-ish sung vocal(!?) with some funny non-lyrics, with keyboards and Guitar parts also. The closest to thing Grindcore here is the track ‘Prison Break’ with it’s typewriter blast beat and angry dad vocal. Also, final track ‘My Favorite Part Of You Has Died’ is an awesome, burly Godflesh style piece of Industrial crush. Some tracks seem to share some DNA with some of the Wave/Synth projects I’ve covered else where on GonzoK, with that cheezy Keys/Synth vibe, however this release is far too non-committal and care-free to really be considered a work of genre; my favourite thing about Dumb Church is that Andy clearly couldn’t care less whether anyone likes or even listens to it. There’s much reward in listening to music created for the musician’s personal enjoyment and no one else’s, for me at least. Varied, weird, pointless. Great.

Mortville Noise


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