Miami Cannibal Massacre is a compilation of mostly American Synth artists released on Playmaker ENT., creating what is essentially the soundtrack to a greasy, grimy 70’s/ 80’s genre film that was never made. Raw, hard Synth tracks, lots of paced out, stalker-ish beats, samples from films, throbbing electronic waves, nods to Dubstep, Big Beat House, Hip Hop, Dance and Vaporwave, and absolutely shit loads of atmosphere and attitude. Some of the tracks clearly come from a Carpenter/Goblin Horror Movie Synth influence, others from a more club music style influence, but both meld together perfectly. Each artist brings a slight variation of Synth worship to the table, creating a heady mix of sounds broaching lots of Wave sub-genres and creating a really cohesive listen. Eclectic, seedy, 80’s and creepy. Personal favourite artists for me are Hauer, Gost, Droid Sector Decay and Arc Neon. Get into it.

Playmaker ENT.


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