LA’s best kept secret & quite possibly the best young grind band in the western hemisphere. Yes, the Happy Pill Trauma demo is finally available to download (and purchase!)!!!!!!

Grindcore as fuck insanity with a dash of straight up punk, this is further proof the new breed is a force to be reckoned with. HPT are truly the best at what they do & manage to do it with only a guitar & some drums. Fuck a bass. The dual vocal attack propels their jams to dangerously awesome levels as well. Valerie (guitar) & Jeremy (drums) come off like old pros & somehow are able to weave their songs into a high energy mixture of catchy thrashy punk & pummeling blast beats. Each track will leave you scratching your head and wondering how the hell they managed to think it up. It’s like watching the crazy Asian kid in a video arcade just annihilate everyone who steps up and puts a quarter into his Street Fighter Alpha game. Combo combo combo BLAST! You’re fucking done! It’s a thing of beauty.

One of the best things about this band is that they are active RIGHT NOW. You can book them in your town. Buy their tapes and cd’s and shirts. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS BAND. This is part of grind history and when they are gone this’ll be one of the bands like Assuck, E.T. & Dahmer that’ll be a fuckin benchmark and standard amongst the greats. You can be part of that right now by supporting these two amazing musicians.



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