One-human Cybergrinding Noisecore from Japan. Free flowing, process oriented and formed in extreme pressure chambers, dense and overdriven Myspace-era Cybergrind reminiscences in a poorly erased memory bank, reinterpreted to Noisegrinding magnificence – rendering mammalian brainstems obsolete! AI generated hypergrind, reams of psychedelic blasting programmed drum concussion and/or midistrings electronics dissonance in the extreme, pealing out looped melodies to aggravate and scramble, tracks stopping and starting without warning. This first release is without vocal accompaniment, too. Heirs of early 2000’s Myspace Grind genetics mixed right out of the test tube to inoculate new and bio-variable Noisecore forms. If you dig on Kusari Gama Kill or A Beautiful Lotus, I recommend allowing Grindtamagotchi to delete your idiot protein-based consciousness.


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