Hardcore two piece Water Torture’s first Grindcore Karaoke release might be one of the most popular and hyped records the label has midwifed, and it’s not hard to see why. Water Torture are a band that for me, could have really sucked; I’m not particularly into the ‘new school Power Violence’ aesthetic. I find way too many bands who throw that genre tag about are misusuing it, be intentional or otherwise, and I dislike much of the tuff guy bro culture that’s found its way into that side of Hardcore. However, Water Torture’s self titled EP also hold the basis of a good argument for ‘let the music speak for itself’, because this is a really enjoyable Hardcore record, in my opinion. Brutal, caustic Bass and Drum hostility, blast beats everywhere, noxious yell/burl vocal and hooky Bass patterns to catch you off-guard. There’s also plenty of slow, torturous tempo drops, and in the true Power Violence tradition the record switches from super fast to mad slow as often as possible. The Bass tone/production is monstrous and crushing, the Drums sound is ropey yet loud and blistering and the vocal struggles to come to the for-front, making the whole thing sound nervous and pained. There is also good use of analogue Noise segues, bubbling in and out under the thick hide of Bass and Drums. I suppose Man Is The Bastard are an obvious comparison, but Water Torture have a far more Doomy, Sludgy feel than the more Fusion/Jazz/Prog Bass lines of Wood and Kenyon. I’m sure there aren’t many Grindcore Karaoke followers/listeners left who haven’t heard this, so if you haven’t check it out.



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