Wound are/were a Grindcore 3 piece from I believe Japan (If I’m wrong feel free to correct me), who only released a handful of recordings. This collection of 4 tracks is some of the most neanderthal, savage Grindcore barbarism this side of Warsore; Pummeling blast beats, buzzing, grinding Bass and shriek/roar low vocal, with elements of primitive Death Metal in the Guitar tone and riffs. Cataclysmic, primitive and ferocious. Like Warsore, old Napalm Death or old Anal Cunt, these tracks utterly bury you under blast beats, crushing Guitars and vocal whirlwind. This release is painfully, painfully short, and It’s such a shame there isn’t more. If you enjoy any of the above mentioned bands you’re sure to enjoy this one. The record is also dedicated to Erik Simonsen, Drummer and founding member of Warsore and the equally awesome Disgorge, who died in 2006. So short, so excellent.



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