Classic Japanese Harsh Noise from K2. Kimihide Kusafuka is a long standing contributor to the Japanese Noise scene, with a huge discography. This release has a very 90’s ‘Japanoise’ vibe; Long tracks of extreme audio barrage, with no computer or midi. Psychedelic, pulsating electronics that brings to mind the shifting of tectonic plates and the bursting of lava from the Earth’s crust. The record is themed around volcanic movements and the ancient Earth, as you can guess from the title. The artwork for this release is excellent also, and the pdf inlay makes a nice companion piece to the xenomorph sound within. If you like Pain Jerk, Incapacitants or Kazumoto Endo and for some reason are unaware of K2, then this is for you. If you like this release and aren’t familiar with Japanese Noise, the above artists would be a good place to start. For Earthnoid!

GK#362 / Pro Noise


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