Two of my favourite bands on one release. Captain Three Leg are from the States, Hyperemesis from Canada. Captain Three Leg are constantly changing it up sound-wise, on this release they have a very Hardcore Punk type sound; lots of mid-paced parts, some thrashy guitars here and there, bellowed, yelling vocal and lots of samples throughout. Lots of humor but the music is very fast and harsh. Their side of this split actually reminds me quite a lot of Rupture and old Negazione. Captain Three Leg are always dependably awesome regardless of what they’re playing, and this stuff is no exception. Hyperemesis is currently one of my favourite Grindcore bands in any sub-genre; usually a one man project with Andy on Guitar, Drums or Drum Machine and Vocal, he makes disgusting, crusty, sludgy Mince Gore that is unbelievably heavy and utterly crushing. This stuff is some of his/their best, with lots of D beats, blastbeats, slower Polka beat Mince, insanely thick guitar and vile gurgle/low/high vocal. If you like the noisier, punkier side of Gore like old Regurgitate, Autophagia or Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage you’ll really dig this. A great split, two equally brutal Grindcore bands with equally different styles.

Mortville Noise


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