‘Depression Vortex’ is the newest release from US one-man future Gore mecha 30XX. This one presents a bunch of collaborations Andrew partook in on tour in Europe, and features members of Chappa’Ai and Parazitozis. This one sits uniquely within the 30XX canon, shifting into a classic Grindcore/Noisecore sound as well as a track of trad 30XX reverse Guitar soloin’ Goregrind slop. The live drummer tracks have a rawer, more Noisecore influenced sound, combining 30XX’s Goregrind with a huge scoop of Arsedestroyer style blur. Freakout Noise, destroyed sounding Electonic beats, Happy Hardcore (gross), crushing Guitars, furious live drums, tentacle beast Vocal, no Anime/Synth/Movie samples (?!). The tracks are inconsistent sounding, being taken from different session, but that kind of adds to the weirdness. 30XX rules.



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