Third release from Grunge/Stoner band Trevor’s Head. These guys are local to me, are good friends and therefor I’ve been seeing them live for a few years now. With this release, they’ve done a good job of nailing down their fluid influences of Stoner Rock, Blues and Grunge into a cohesive, fun, surprisingly fast and unpretentious brew. Huge melodies, interesting lead work, spectacular Drumming and clear yet rugged Vocal. At once sleazy, spacey and catchy, with lots of Metal-ish Guitar parts, noodling Bass and Pop/Rock hooks. The tempo ranges from tripped-out hippy speed parts into stomping space-travellin’ mid-tempos, the lyrics are the right balance between Boob Rock sophomoric rambles and rabble rousing choruses, and the production’s warm, buzzing, and well suited. A fine effort from some local fools who now owe me beer.



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