Heinous, noxious Goregrind/Gorenoise from US unit Sarcoptes. 4 real-short tracks of clicky, roaring, throbbing Gorenoise with an extremely blown out and ear damaging production. Random pattern blast beat assault, mangled Bass and super distorted/shifted vomit vocal. Utterly devoid of composition, just piles of stinking Gore. I must say that Sarcoptes does a fine job balancing between Gorenoise rampage and pure Noise; as noisy as the individual sounds on this record are, I would definitely still say Sarcoptes inhabits a sound more Gore than Noise. I like that you can still hear a human hand in this stuff, as opposed to just HNW with blast beats and Gore vocal. I will also add that even amongst Gore/Noise artwork, I find the cover to this record particularly stomach-churning and eye-watering. Thoroughly ugly and unpleasant, and therefore recommended.



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