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Short dose of Mortician worshipping Goregrind from Australia. Storming drum machine (I presume) blast beats underpin crude riffs, Guitar and Bass sounds perfectly grinding away beneath vile, shifted vocal retches. Splatter-y, fast as fuck and with grooving, slower head-banging parts too, fitting nicely between Goregrind and Death Metal; there’s plenty of bouncing, catchy riffs in this brew, along with the torrential blast beat sections. Reminds me of Necrony via Mortician – speed freak Goregrind for mouth breathers.




Grinding Gore slop from Mexico. Dreadfully excellent recording quality, with retching shifted vocal sat astride caustic Guitar/Bass and a-bit-too-quiet tape recorded drums, which actually sound very competent for the most part. Lo-rent and extremely hazardous. Largely ploughs along at full speed but there’s moments of drop tempo Mince parts and Punk beats to keep things fresh (stagnant?). Largely unoriginal and very entertaining. 7 Tracks in 7 Minutes, for those of short attention spans and stunted social skills.




Living Wall is an incredibly accurate title for this project from the States. Dense fleshy walls of hyper driven binary blast beats, ‘Guitar’ and ‘Bass’ sounds with little point of reference to anything resembling music, mangling Noises as teeth in the jaws of an enormous flesh construct from a 16th dimensional reality. Gurgly, horrible, inhuman, almost fizzy sounding. Not subtle, not particularly reverent to genre, just an enormous wall of destructive, over-dense noise. Maybe this fits somewhere between Cybergrind and Gorenoise. Maybe this only fits in the nightmare plane from whence it spawned. Catastrophic, confusing and just a little bit silly. Excellent.



Cystoblastosis is a recent 3 peice Mince/Gore band from St Petersberg. This short demo is comprised of stomping Mince tempo punk blasts, with rattling, strangling Bass, echo-ish rehearsal room Drums and necrotic, rasping pitch shifted Vocal. It’s crusted over, reeking and disgusting, with lots of troglodyte grooves, blasting parts and little subtlety, poorly and loudly recorded. The recording quality well accentuates Cystoblastosis’ plodding stampede of weird internet Mincecore. Gory, putrid, Punk as fuck, low rent, lo-fi, lovely. Check it out.



Take That Vile Fiend is another mutant Brainchild of Brad Blarghst, maniac responsible for Super Fun Happy Slide, Blarghstrad and others. Here we have 4 rampant, Noisy Gore abominations, all crapped out in a single afternoon by the mad doctor himself. The results are chaotic and Noisegrind-ish, with some structured moments bursting into pure churning Noise blasts. Bass riffs buried under a tidal wave of Drums and gurgly Vocal spew. A sumptuously placed Simpsons quote opens the demo, and sets the tone of goofy, ‘sloopy’ fun very aptly. Sounds like a somehow-even-more nonsensical version of Super Fun Happy Slide, if such a thing could be possible. Excellent!

Radical Blarghst



Goregrind from Russia/Holland and Chile. Butcher M.D. specialises in the kind of medically accurate, tumor dissecting pathological Goregrind that Nx5 kicks out on an endless basis. Tight, clipped, blood thinning drum programming, surreally precise slabs of Gore Guitars, and exhaustive vomitous gurgle Vocal from none other than Dr. Erwin de Groot. The songs casually move from D Beatish Punk sctions to all out blasting effortlessly and satisfyingly. Totally fucking excellent and altogether too short. Check out their full length here and pay something to download it. GBA play a similar brand of Ghoulish Goregrind, with a touch less precision and more slop. If Butcher M.D. is the cruel, cold surgeon, GBA is the deranged necrophile mutilating corpses in the morgue. More Gorenoise-ish gore tornado parts, maniac riffing with super cold ping Snare blast beats, obligatory wounded animal shifted Vocal. Gross shit! A pairing of similarly excellent current Gore projects. Buy a copy from Twisted Truth Records, poser!

Butcher M.D. Bandcamp / Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy Bandcamp



Demo from Misourri entity Horse Meat. Super-Krud internet Noisecore, with spectral blurt/grunt echo delay vocal, random pattern sort-of blast beats and overblown Noise gurlge, delayed to shit something(?). This is the kind of demo bandcamp exists to host. Total, utter garbage of the unchanging and unrepentant type. Sickening, depraved, unprovoked, low culture. As I listen to this, I question my very urge to write about such inept, stupid, awesome nonsense. Therefore, highly recommended!