Deathy Noisegrind featuring members of Captain 3 Leg and Dismembered Fetus, brought to you by good ol’ Mortville Noise. Crushing Death Metal slow riffs open up into grinding parts reminiscent of good Agathocles or Blood, Savage barbarian Vocals, grinding bass and slabs of fatty Guitar, working out movements from slow-slow death creep, mid paced head stompers, with flashes of all out BORT BORT Noisecore that serve to accent otherwise well structured Death/Grind songs. I find many of these riffs are real earworms, catchy and usually unexpected, and the compositions are shockingly coherent and excellent for a record with a Tardcore tag.  This is a totally hidden gem; I see very little praise anywhere online for this one and it’s a damn shame. It’s among my favourite Mortville releases of the last few years. Essential repeat listening.




Filthy,  raw Black Metal/Punk tape. Disgusting and frankly rude production basically amounts to hissy, noisy ectoplasm all over rough, punk Black Metal. Hollowed out Guitars, hardly any low end in the Bass sound, reverb on everything. Stomping, echoing, poorly recorded Drums and distant Black Metal shrieking. Not exactly Bone Awl or Ildjarn rip-off, as with many bands in this style , but certainly within that realm. Manages to maintain a very caustic, modern ‘Raw Black Metal’ sound but with a sleazy Bathory streak still present throughout. Raw, nasty and utterly horrible.



A short collection of used and unloved Ambient tracks from Poland’s Purgist. Dread inducing canvases existing as background tracks for live performances, as described by the artist himself as having been designated for deletion from record and memory. Largely quiet, moody tracks with building tones in ambient registers, building melancholy in moments . Bleak, sombre, brief, listless, quietly menacing. This is a nice deviation of sound within Purgist’s work.




So THAT was something, wasn’t it?

2017. Let’s NOT reflect on it. Some of you had a great year I’m sure. Some on the other hand, didn’t. This final send off is absolutely not how the blog was intended to end. It isn’t even my blog. I’m the helper. And we haven’t done a thing on here for over a year. But doesn’t that just encapsulate everything about this past 12 months? Shit isn’t going to go the way you planned. And I think a lot of people are starting to get that.

I didn’t plan to do something like this until a little over a month ago. I’m one of those assholes on twitter who shits on everybody’s lists about whatever & says they’re too awesome to do that. But of course I do my own lists in my brain because i’m a dumb fuckwit who loves music like everybody else. No matter how cynical or stressed out or depressed I get about whatever, I’ll always love it. Of course it’s a total bummer sometimes. All the little side dishes that come from music and the internet and creepy cringe-worthy fandom, it’s become a necessary part of that world for most people, and maybe just an annoyance for others. But if you really are a genuine fan of music then no part of any scene or circumstance is going to prevent you from enjoying sounds that pleasure your brain. That’s a given. And that’s what we’re here to celebrate, even if things don’t go right, like this blog post.

I had about 10 people planned and supposedly ready to submit a top ten of the year list and ended up with 2 dudes + myself. Even our prestigious GK founder is oddly absent from the list (temporarily gone but not forgotten, we will both be spearheading the new incarnation of GK VERY soon). Several contributors were no shows, a couple disappeared from the internet all together, shit, one guys mom died last week an his life kinda fell apart.  Holy shit, 2017 taking names! But we soldier on. It’s about quality, not quantity. And I believe there’s a boat load of quality music listed below. You may just find something amazing you missed this past year so get clicking on those links. Huge thanks to Nolan & Ucchy for coming through & participating in what is to be the final nail in the coffin before Gonzo Karaoke moves on to it’s next phase. Here’s to bigger and hopefully better things in 2018 for everybody out there.





In no particular order, except maybe the first one.

FIGHT IT OUT – “Most Hated”

Japanese punkers pretending they’re cholos playing hardcore but actually playing extemely heavy powerviolence with down tuned death metal riffs,mega steamroller blast beats & hip hop intro/outros. Truly a sight to behold.

BAD MECHANICS – “Precious Moments in the USA”

Cracked out midwest Devo worship album about food, America, girls & daddy’s pasture. An underrated rock gem for the ages.

DOMESTICATED – “Dysphoria”

Canadian queer grind with a perfect new school/old school blend. Grating high end vocal attack & unrelenting fast drums. Dark, weird, hilarious & fucked up.


Bay area legends meets the new breed of noisy San Jose ultrakill fuckery.

LNDN DRGS – “P on the DRGS”

West Coast G-funk is back.

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU – “General Fucking”

Slovakian noisegrind saviors with their first of what has to be the most impressive string of releases in 2017. Must own for anyone who loves sloppy noisy garbage.

HOLY BONER – “Extreme Noise Terrific”

One of many Brad Smith (Umbilical Tentacle/Internat Rot/Blarghstrad) backed bands. Ten years in the making. Pure noisegrind annihilation.


Underrated heavy release of the year. While everyone frothed at the mouth over Necrot & the new Morbid Angel, Ohios own Ethereal crafted a low key grinding death metal masterpiece.


Absolutely crushing grindcore on both sides of this 7″. Nothing sucks about this whatsoever. Bodybag comes off like a beefed up Spanish Repulsion & Earth Federation sound like the personification of an avalanche made of exploding death robots.

MASSGRAV – “Stockholm Rockers”

If you don’t know you should. Massgrav have been holding it down for over 20 years. They’ve never released a dud. One of the few bands that don’t seem to slow down or get stale playing hyperpunk bulldozer thrash. This absolutely rocks.


honorable mentions-

Metal Slug Sountrack

Macross 82-99

Exit Unit 7″

Cunts/Anal Butt split 7″

Landfill lp

Suppression/Reeking Cross split cassette

The Eradicator


Andrew Nolan

 Ten favourites of the year

Drunk in Hell – S/T LP (Burning World) 

Northern English dirtbags making music for other Northern English dirtbags.

Equiknoxx – Colón Man 2xLP (DDS)

 Dancehall from Kingston Jamaica that goes to some strange places without telegraphing its weirdness to the listener by jumping up and down and demanding you acknowledge how weird it is.

Flu – Fludust LP (Crate Cartel) 

Another winner from Carte Cartel in particular and Australian underground hip hop in general.


Heresiarch – Death Ordinance CD (Dark Descent)

 Fast, frantic and hate filled, which has pretty much been the underground death metal style du jour for a few years now, this one stands out because there’s some great song writing going on and things are not buried in way too much reverb or an inability to put a high pass filter on the guitars, which usually renders everything as an indistinct blur. The indistinct blur style (Cavernous Death Metal/ War Metal/ whatever) is often used to hide sub par songs so that the right aesthetic choices alone can carry the band, this is not the case here, every song is memorable and it sounds like a lot of time was spent writing and practicing this release.

Jam Baxter – Mansion 38 2xLP (High Focus)

 This one took a while to sink in; I love Jam Baxter as an MC but I didn’t really understand the compositional choices by producer Chemo on my first few listens. Much like the Equikknox album there’s a lot to take in and it’s never signalled to you as “check out how weird we’re being”. Low slung drugged out 808 boom mixed with field recordings, drones and samples of traditional Asian music. Favourite line of the year: “She smiled once and now you’re bragging that she wants the D, I smiled once, it was horrid G”

Katastrof – S/T 7”EP (Beach Impediment)

Hardcore over the last few years has bored me to tears, it’s become an exercise in simulacrum with too many bands spending forever to get that paint-by-numbers perfect 7” then being unable to follow up with anything. Lots of hyped one tape bands who don’t tour, lots of bands that can tell you everything about what made United Mutation great but can’t write a song to save their lives. This record makes me want to punch holes in cops.

Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs – Gems from the Equinox LP (Soul Assassins)

 Gems from the Equinox snuck up on me, I loved the song Murder Rap instantly, absolutely loved the rest of the album on repeated listens, lots of atypical production choices for hip hop in 2017.

Radiophonic Workshop – Burial in Several Earths 4×10″ (Room 13)

 Radiophonic Workshop’s first commercially available music since 1985, absolutely masterful.

Rope Sect – Persona Ingratae cassette (Caligari)

 Gloomy post-punk done by Germans with (I assume) connections to the metal scene. Dark and dour, but with a focus on songs, not style.

Strange U – LP#4080 2xLP (High Focus)

 Honestly High Focus didn’t release a bad record in 2017. Stange U is the always interesting producer Zygote matched up with Kashmere on the mic. Kashmere is sometimes described as the UKs answer to MF Doom or Kool Keith, but to me that’s dismissive, the similarities are that all three are highly literate, take on personas, and make a lot of references to sci-fi and superhero fan culture, but Kashmere is doing his own thing. If you’re going to investigate anything on this list cue up Strange U’s Bulletproof Mustache on YouTube (which also features Lee Scott, my favourite contemporary UK MC).

Other music I absolutely loved in 2017:

 Acrylics – Despair

Altarage – Endinghent

Confucius MC and Mr Brown – The Artform

Creation VI – Deus Siva Natura

Dabbla – Chapsville

Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits

Drew McDowall – Unnatural Channel

Fret – Over Depth

Full of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstacy

Godflesh – Post Self

Holy Money – The Language Machine

Jehst – Billy Green is Dead

Loyle Carner – Yesterday’s Gone

Micall Parknsun –  Practicing Tag Team Moves

Must Volkoff – Aquanaut

Pessimist – S/T

Pig’s Blood – S/T

Ramson Badbone & DJ Fingerfood – Hypnodic

Unearthly Trance – Stalking the Ghost

Unsane – Sterilized



*Top 10 releases of 2017

ONIKU – “Way To Live”(CD)

Sedem Minút Strachu – “General Fucking”(LP)

Fazepalm Def/Deflowered Cunt – split(cass)

Spore Spawn – “Ochistuitara”(cass)

Kuzuramushi/The Pig Foot Eaters Experimental/Ashura/Gerogeritarashi/Baka Onani In Kaka – “THE GEROGERIGEGEGEGE”(cass)

Cachorro Da Duença/Baga/Nosso Ódio Irá Atacar/Plague Rages – “4 Ways To Grind”(CD)

Raw Noise Apes/SxOxTxE – split(10EP)

New York Against The Belzebu/Sete Star Sept – “Lack of Compatibility”(CD)

Sulfuric Cautery – “Experiments With Sulfur,The First Year 2015-2016”(cass)

Oozing Meat/Human Jerky – split(cass)

(not released this year,but I often listened⇩)

Bachikaburi – “85 Live”(CD)

Kokeshi Doll – “Kokeshizm”(CD)

Omokage Lucky Hole – “Dairi-Haha”(CD)


17 8/13,Moribund Punishment live in Kouenji Studio DOM

10/21,Beer Belly live in Kouenji Studio DOM

11/26,Social Porks live in Shin Sakae Day Trive




Cystoblastosis is a recent 3 peice Mince/Gore band from St Petersberg. This short demo is comprised of stomping Mince tempo punk blasts, with rattling, strangling Bass, echo-ish rehearsal room Drums and necrotic, rasping pitch shifted Vocal. It’s crusted over, reeking and disgusting, with lots of troglodyte grooves, blasting parts and little subtlety, poorly and loudly recorded. The recording quality well accentuates Cystoblastosis’ plodding stampede of weird internet Mincecore. Gory, putrid, Punk as fuck, low rent, lo-fi, lovely. Check it out.



Take That Vile Fiend is another mutant Brainchild of Brad Blarghst, maniac responsible for Super Fun Happy Slide, Blarghstrad and others. Here we have 4 rampant, Noisy Gore abominations, all crapped out in a single afternoon by the mad doctor himself. The results are chaotic and Noisegrind-ish, with some structured moments bursting into pure churning Noise blasts. Bass riffs buried under a tidal wave of Drums and gurgly Vocal spew. A sumptuously placed Simpsons quote opens the demo, and sets the tone of goofy, ‘sloopy’ fun very aptly. Sounds like a somehow-even-more nonsensical version of Super Fun Happy Slide, if such a thing could be possible. Excellent!

Radical Blarghst


Here follows a short interview with Harry, the madman behind the dread headache-maker Albert Tross, Leader Of The Demons, who kindly agreed to slither from his bunker and disseminate just exactly what in God’s name he thinks he’s doing.

How did you find an interest in Noise?

At an early age, I started messing around with tape manipulation. Creating loops, replacing vocals to songs with weird noises, slowing down music, piling loops on top of one another, or just recording white noise and hoping for some sort of interference.
No idea where it really came from. Boredom? Soon after that I heard an early CD by Laibach, which led me to other groups like Non and SPK. The thought of doing harm to others with nothing but sound amused me, so I continued.

How long have you been making and releasing music, as Albert Tross or otherwise? Do you have any other projects currently?

My early tapes are gone for the most part. I found one, fuck knows what kind of shape its in. I might try to rip that one day. Albert Tross, however, started as a casio keyboard’s drumming and a distorted, shitty guitar. I’d guess that was around 2001.
Most of that stuff still exists, but its pretty horrible. I was eventually introduced to SoundForge, a couple of years later, and began experimenting with manipulation again.
There’s some other shit I’m working on, sure. Takes me forever to complete shit though. There’s this attempt at krautrock using the GarageBand app that’s been sitting unfinished for way too long. There’s also some shit with actual instruments that I
sporadically start and stop working on. Not sure what kind of direction I want to go with it, but it will be pretty noisy and sloppy. I also sing for Stab!

What are the inspirations behind the frightening dreamscape that is Albert Tross, both sonically and visually?

Migraines and hallucinations. I’ve had those problems for as long as I can remember. Albert Tross is my way of re-enacting the pain and anxiety.

What equipment or instruments do you use to create your Noise?

I mostly just use the SoundForge program and stolen music/sounds. I don’t think I would ever use anything else and feel right calling it Albert Tross.

What does the process of creating new material entail for you?

A clouded mind and a couple of hours of free time. I just plop down in front of the computer and start digging through this massive collection of acquired sounds. I might go into it with an idea on what I want to achieve, even then I often stray from that
plan. Its mostly just haphazard trash. I’ll create some sort of mess and sort it into a folder when I feel its completed. I usually have 4 or 5 collection folders going at a time of tracks that I feel fit a certain mood. I’ll go back to them over and over again at
a later point when I’ve completely forgotten what everything sounds like, then I’ll either work on them some more or wait until I’ve forgotten about them all over again. The whole process doesn’t make much sense.

Who do you like/listen to/follow in the world of Noise?

I honestly don’t know too much about the whole noise scene. I know the guys behind Arachnid, Atomic Cockbombs, Kap’n Krank and Mahler Haze, so I listen to and enjoy their output. Andy at Mortville shared a link for this noise outfit called Beelzebukkake, which I
thought was really incredible. Reminded me of those countless hours sitting behind a stitcher/trimmer in a print shop as a teenager. He really captured how all of those loud, abrasive factory noises can become quite rhythmic after a while.

What do you like listening to outside of Noise?

Metal, mostly. Krautrock, schlager, oompah. Shit that either makes me want to drink or break something or both. Just snagged a massive amount of recordings by a synth group called Nightcrawlers, really enjoying them.

Any releases on the horizon?

I recently completed a track for a split release with Arachnad, not sure when that will be out. Started working on some stuff for Kareeye Tapes, far from finished on that though. There’s always my usual mess of incomplete folders too. I’ve got five
separate concepts going at once right now. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do an entire album centered completely around monster movies, but I haven’t been able to wrap my brain around it completely yet. Or maybe a Haunted House album.
One of these days.

Thanks again Harry! Go scope out the ever confusing Albert Tross, Leader Of The Demon’s extensive body of work here. Bring aspirin. Bring alcohol. Do NOT bring psychedelics.