Upbeat, Anime distant Future Funk from Mexico City via NeoTokyo, released on Keats Collective. Crisp sample tracks assembled into an utterly beautiful, vibrant smorgasbord of sophomoric freak Funk. Anime aesthetics, scintillating Bass lines cut from obscure 80’s electro Funk and Jazz, love song Pop refrains from forgotten icons, Muzak chintz, occasional Trap click, massive Big Beats; an absorbing journey through a summer time in a possible future city hive. Danceable and not depressing, there’s little of the downcast, irreverent consumerist critique that made ‘Vaporware’ and other affiliated sounds so popular within the EDM internet underground, but I feel that in embracing a more up-beat, carefree and ultimately positive vibe, マクロスMACROSS 82-99 sets their own standard and triumphs. A personal favourite among such recent ‘Wave’ affiliated releases.





Cross Class from the States play raging old school Hardcore with verve and balls. Brutish, blunt yell Vocal, tear-ass Guitar Thrashin’ and toms-heavy hard handed Drumming, not the fastest, not the heaviest, but super pissed off and with plenty of intent. 8 simplistic songs, ear ringing barely-production, less than 7 minutes. No frills, no bullshit. I’ll always have time for a meat-and-potatoes Hardcore record played without regard for the constantly changing cool/not cool landscape of Punk, and Cross Class does this deftly. If you like Hardcore without an Entombed-core sheen or take-me-seriously tuff guy posturing, get this! Buy a tape too.



Swirling, astrally projected Harsh Noise Ambience from Poland’s own Purist. The first of these two tracks builds from very low swells of tone, barely present sound building residually into a stocatto Pulse assault, shimmering tones hammering you in random patterns. The second track follows a similar path, drawing a sombre Drone to it’s logical, destructive conclusion, waves breaking from the Aube-like Harsh Ambience into a distant siren call of distortion. Ghostly, abstract, beautiful. Field recordings woven into the fabric of Noise add a spectral, weird element, making these pieces intimate and enveloping. Intangible Noise. A most engaging listening experience.



Weird 30XX tape release. Hyped club music from a dark, distant reality. Trill space daemons feasting on your soul, making mix tapes of awful Internet Trap while they torture your useless carbonised flesh-vessel in an inter-dimensional chapel of ghouls. Yung Pazuzu got too lit, it would seem. Lots of cuts and breaks, distorted samples playing over click Traps and repetitive gameboy-isn melodies. Maybe, in a weird way, this is the most ‘approachable’ 30XX release… woah. Deep.



Collection of unreleased 30XX tracks released posthumously I think. 30XX has always been a very engaging projet to me, combining lots of styles, sounds and asthetics from other media that I enjoy. Goreman’s 30XX is singular, pure and in a way perfect. These tracks feature plenty of collaborations, and cover groud from digitally sourced Noise, freakout Gabber, Speedcore, Goregrind, Gorenoise, Darkwave and others, and do so with deft ability; combining into a hyper-defined singularity of digital destruction. Live drums, Drum Machine blast beats, reverse Gore churn Vocal, hyped thumping Bass pulses, occasional J-Pop parts, samples, dive-bomb solos, Gore spewing, introverted, Cyberpunk, Internet-genre abusing madness. This actually makes a good introduction to 30XX’s weird alternate reality take on all the sounds they meddle(d) in. Essential.



Soil Of Ignorance is a super fast, super pissed Grindcore band from Canada who’ve been kicking it a few years now. ‘Dealing With The Remains’ presents a step forward in their sound; S.O.I.’s previous efforts have had moments of Deathier, perhaps even Doomier influence, and this newest 7″ really brings these elements forward further. There’s the insane blast beats, building destroying Bass sound and dual burly Vocal, super fast 3 chord Punk sections, elements of Crust and Power Violence, Death Metal and Doom, all hurled together by 3 total pros. This record is absolutely furious, heavy and destructive in all the ways you want. Totally essential Grindcore. Pick one up from Deaf Death Husky Records, Grindfather Productions or Doomsday Machine Records. This fucking Kills!



More ‘Wave sounds from Delta Topco, released on BusinessCasual. Pastel colored samples from long forgotten Pop/Funk artists, Anime, and advertisements are cut and reassembled into a shimmering, cheesy pastiche of Music. Whatever-Wave, big hollow Beats, warped Keyboard Bass, repetition. Chilled out, pointless, recycled consumerist nonsense. A stoned summer’s day in a City of yesterday’s tomorrow; backwards retrofit, HI-DEF abandoned in favor of Betamax. More of the same in an overpopulated internet ‘genre’, but whatever, I think this one’s good.