– GONZO KARAOKE is all about free noise. Weapons-grade free to download Grindcore, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Harsh Noise, Metal, Punk and every other fuckin thing that sounds good –

I’m Jordan, and I have created this blog to cover/review/promote as much of the free (and legal) music I download as possible. You can follow me on twitter @blastbeatjunkie for constant updates on new reviews. Contributions from Brandon of Marion Barry (@marionbarry), Janus of Kusari Gama Kill (@sortebob) and Sean of LinesInWax (@linesinwaxxx). If you would like to join us, get in touch here – blastbeat_junkie_gk@hotmail.co.uk

I think it should be stated that we should all throw these artists a few credits whenever we can – buy a shirt, buy a tape, or pay something for your download once in a while.

Please also remember that artists and labels change prices on online releases all the time;  If you follow a link and find a download is now only available for a charge, consider purchasing it and supporting the artist, you fuck. It was free when I reviewed it.

– Please get in touch at the above email address if you would like something reviewed, posted, plugged or removed and I will oblige –

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