Radiation sickness in aural form from Hamburg-based sound-mangler and theorist David Wallraf who lands on Deal’s increasingly vital Brachliegen Tapes with an incendiary 3-track EP as uncompromising as it is imperative. ‘Нет Войне’ (literally, ‘No War’) is the horror of the age made manifest; politicised post-industrial dub that counters oppression by institution with oppression by sound in incisively stringent fashion. Opening track ‘I Hate My Government And I Hate Your Government’ (hearts are worn firmly on sleeves here) sets an ear-razing precedent, churning up the tarmac on the road to dissolution like a damaged, post-apocalyptic reincarnation of My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Slow’. Woody beats thwack against buttresses of excoriating bass-riven noise until the pressure becomes unsustainable and all falls eerily silent. ‘Congagement’ is just as steely yet more surreptitious in its approach to sedition, but Wallraf reserves his most withering attack for ‘Всё Идёт По Плану’, almost 10 minutes of acrid, dub-diseased discord rent asunder by a monstrous doom-laden bassline that sidewinds through the scree like a starving anaconda with a caiman in its sights. With all proceeds going to Nash Svit, a Ukrainian LGBTQ advocacy group, this is one righteous racket you simply cannot do without. Grievously good.

Brachliegen Tapes

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