An inspired collaboration between Burkinabè urban griot Kaito Winse and Belgian noise-punk ne’er-do-wells Arnaud Paquotte and Benjamin Chaval, Avalanche Kaito follow up their astonishing ‘Dabalomuni’ EP from earlier this year with an incendiary debut album that refashions their crotchety head-wrecking clatter into a cornucopia of exotic new shapes. Never a band to abide meekly by the ossifying precepts of ‘world music’ (fuck that self-complacent A&R doublespeak and the donkey it rode in on), Avalanche Kaito bring the noise by the truckload, ram-raiding the repository of outernationalist wonder once plundered by freebooting firebrands like Faust and 23 Skidoo. Lashing together an exoskeleton of plangent bass and corkscrewing polyrhythms with sinews of caustic electronic dissonance, Paquotte and Chaval are the Igors to Winse’s Frankenstein who jolts this fire-breathing postmodern Prometheus to life with his high voltage vocal callisthenics. Able to switch seamlessly from incantatory croon to the sort of strident glossolalic hectoring that was the late, great Grandmaster Masese’s stock-in-trade, Winse is an unstoppable force here, spinning lyrical gold from the proverbs of his homeland amidst a heat-haze of twanging jaw-harp and effervescent peul flute. Picking favourites is next to impossible but ‘Goomde’, a paranoid psych-dub lurch that sounds like World Domination Enterprises on the wrong end of a three day speed comedown, is heavy with a capital H. Not black midi, THIS.


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