Immutable Grindcore fury from the US. Landfill is Will Olter from Methlab Explosion, Hot Babes and a few other bands and projects, with Andy of Gonzo favourites Captain Three Leg on Vocal duties for this release only (I belive Landfill change vocalist from release to release). They kick out 10 tracks of raging Grindcore full of hate and piss, thrashing Punk 3 chord Guitar destruction, crusty influence and just a shed load of total fucking rage. Fast and irate. Really genuinely angry sounding shit; a trait common through Will’s various projects. Andy’s angry dad Vocal tops this one off nicely, replete with his usual grump lyrical stylings. Excellent stuff. Suppression are legends and do their thing here with the usual gusto and aplomb; freak sauce Grindcore/Power Violence implosion, weirdo noise(core) atrocities committed on the unsuspecting. Rattling Bass, insane Drumming and Vocal regressions into the reptilian. Blown out recording quality, lots of echo effects, uniquely strange and angry as only Suppression sound. Grab a tape if you can! Indispensable.

Landfill Bandcamp / C.N.P. Bandcamp

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