Split between the chameleonic Captain Three Leg and Noisecore band Deep Fried Embryo. The Captain’s tracks feature lots of mid paced plodding and Thrash parts, blast beats in short blur songs, a generally snotty, mean spirited vibe. Punk, fast, Hardcore inflected Grindcore (or Grindcore inflected Hardcore? Who cares). Lots of goofy samples, a very present, loud production and the addition of Nate on Vocal, with a rasping, scraping Vocal style that suits well. As with much of Captain Three Leg’s output from this period, these songs are catchy and simplistic, with memorable riffs and arrangements. The track ‘Microwave Massacre’ is a good example; super catchy Guitar parts and a classic trashy Hardcore attitude. Most satisfying. Deep Fried Embryo’s side consists of some absolutely furious Noisecore vomit. Although their song titles are humorous and very silly, their sound certainly is not. Super short shrapnel ballast, pure devastating nose-bleeding Noisecore. Totally blown out Guitars/Bass, endless caveman blast beats and insane, off reservation Vocal shriek. There are the occasional slower parts, with the Bass occasionally playing over feedback and Drum only, or brief moments of static and rumble, punctuating the infinite speed and slowing their Noisecore hyper speed into lurching slo mo misery. I love their stuff. An excellent pairing of complementary sounds.



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