Split between two younger Goregrind/Mince bands from the States, who both absolutely kill it on this one. Acid Feast is a three piece from Seattle, who play a dextrous blend of classic Grindcore and affiliated styles. Death Metal, Mincecore, Grindcore and Goregrind are each borrowed from, forming an instantly enjoyable and totally brutal sound. Hardcore Punk influenced Drums mixed with classic blast beats, sharp Guitar attack and varied yet devotional High/Low/Gore wipeout Vocal. Everything’s done just right; each influence keeping the others in check, never leaning too hard on a specific style and in doing so creating something loveably familiar feeling and totally reverent to the old gods. Totally Punk approach too, with no room for noodling and plenty of high energy Crust power chord parts. Girth from Michigan play a similar yet fatter, broader side to what Acid Feast are doing. If Acid Feast is a razor to the face, Girth is a sledgehammer to the skull. Absolutely crushing, fat-cocked Minces just slamming down on your weak frame over and over again. Big fat Bass/Guitar explosion, super stomp-into-blast beat Drum patterns, super low/shriek Vocal and a layer of filth all over everything, so deep you’ll never scrape it all off. Their side is mixed much louder than the Acid Feast side, which is a shame, but otherwise this is another excellent split highlighting the cream of current Goregrind (un)talent.

Acid Feast Bandcamp / Girth Bandcamp


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