Noise release from the States on Pro-Noise. Don Garnelli conjure a slightly overlong but sweltering and magnetic experience, deftly balancing crushing  frequency pulses, Synthtone binary overkill, solid Noise wall construct with quiet self reflection and ponderous, circular Drone, ‘War Of Currents’ is a recording worth poring over; the confident use of notes and tones within the swirling Noise, as well as their reluctance to follow any particualr style or ‘trend’ in Noise keeps this thing engaging. I couldn’t really call this Harsh, but I could certainly call it loud Ambient, if that makes any sense. As I mentioned, I feel a few of these compositions slightly overstay their welcome, losing dynamism at the expense of a few minutes too many exploring a particular sound or motif, but this is still an excellent, weird, engaging release.

Pro Noise.22

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