Insane building-levelling Goregrind/Gorenoise from Active Stenosis, everyone’s favourite one man drum machine Gore monstrosity. The gentleman behind this project is also behind Mennometrorrhagia, NX5 and Hydropsy, all also excellent. Extremely dynamic, engaging drum programming with ping Snare blasts, walls of sharp Guitar and gruesome gurgle Vocal, vomit roaring aquatic madness. So destructive, so rancid. This stuff falls on the Gorier side of Gorenoise, if purely from a compositional perspective; aesthetically and production-wise this is closer to Urine Festival than say Carcass or Regurgitate, but is replete with the kind of disgusting groove, deadly riffs and *ahem* catchiness found in those latter two bands. Noisy and chaotic yet precise and razor sharp. Essential.



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