A pairing of current masters of the Goregrind underground, released on the excellent Goatgrind Records; Hyperemesis from Canada, Meatal Ulcer from Australia. The Hyperemesis side of the split is some of their most traditional and I guess listenable Mince/Gore.The production is predictably disgusting, but with plenty of clarity and much less of the snare-ringin’, everything-in-the-red sound I’ve come to expect from the Hyp. The vocal, Guitar and Drums are each individually audible, and each have a nasty, crusty sound on this release. Andy’s vocal retch/roar is still absolutely putrid and acidic, made all the more gross for it’s audibility in the mix. These songs just grow on you hard, with generally more mid-paced Mince stomp / D beat punk vibe on these tracks, with lots of downturned Sludge moments amongst the Grinding slop. Punk as fuck. The Meatal Ulcer side of the split is 6 tracks of vomitous Goregrind/Noise crush. Walls of Guitar, unwieldy programmed drum tornado and necrotised aquatic gurgle vocal. There’s lots of dynamics in the arrangement, keeping this Noise fresh and your mouth agape. Raging, slimy, chaotic. This material predates their excellent full length ‘Why Won’t It Die?’, but if you saw my review of that and enjoyed it this one’s a no brainer. You can download the Meatal Ulcer tracks for free, and stream the Hyperemesis tracks from Goatgrind until you can get a physical copy or a download is made available for the freeloaders. A wonderful pairing of horrid grue peddlers!

Goatgrind Records Bandcamp / Meatal Ulcer Bandcamp


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