Coloniser is a Noise project of Andrew Nolan, best known for bands The Endless Blockade, Column Of Heaven and Shank, as well as other Noise projects including Joshua Norton Cabal and Death Agonies. ‘Macaulayism’ is a haunting, dreadful meditation on identity and violent colonisation. Waves of droning carbonized Ambient Noise, right on the brink of all-out Harsh, and wailing, moody Synth(?) wax and wane beneath primitive, near-Industrial beats and death rattle vocal tear. Layers and layers of texture and ranging dynamics create a dense, sweltering feeling, and the vocal brings a kind of Power Electronics-ish focal point, a human voice straining to be heard over the cacophony. These brooding, bruised sounds create a terrifying, heavy vibe of abuse, organised violence and cultural rape. I had images of Cannibal Holocaust playing over and over in my head as I listened to ‘Macaulayism’; the film’s brutal depiction of White atrocity on ‘Indigenous peoples’ makes a perfect visual Coda for Coloniser’s critical intent. Think Swans, SPK, Godflesh or even at times soundtrack Maestros Goblin, at least aesthetically. Unsettling, culturally confrontational and essential.

Survivalist Deathcult


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