Holy Cow is a three piece from the States playing noisy, downtuned, Mincing Gory Grindcore. You know what to expect; lots of blast beats, D beats and Mincing parts, super gross Guitar slime, really stupid samples and brutal low low/Mincecore burl vocal. This is one of the more sloppy, low rent Grindcore/Mince demos I’ve heard in a while, with a great/shitty recording quality and seemingly zero effort put into a clear recording (in a good way). The Drums in particular sound totally unweildy, crappy and awesome. Because of the recording quality I can see fans of Noisecore enjoying this, as well as fans of stuff like Lt. Dan, Shit Life or SRAM. Dig.


  1. Jose said:


  2. Jose said:

    Thanks for the review dude! I love it!

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