Split between two heavyweights of Canadianoise, the Prince of Mince Archagathus and Gonzo favourites Hyperemesis. The Hyperemesis side of the tape is some of their thickest and sludgiest sounding material to date. Expect downtuned, gross Gore/Mince covered in D Beats, blast beats and rank vocal vomit. Their tracks were recorded as a two piece, with Isaac of Grind band Detroit on Drums, giving their material here a live rehearsal sound; much of the rancid spew low low vocal is actually lost to the crushing murk of the Guitars, which isn’t such a bad thing. Many of the songs here are re-recorded, but the whole thing hangs together well as a set of ‘songs’ and is probably one of their tightest recordings musically. The Archagathus side of the tape is a bit of a detour from their usual Polka Mince mastery; although the Mince remains, there’s a very heavy old Goregrind vibe in the blast beats and low ass troglodyte gurgle vocal. This is actually some of my favourite Archagathus material since their ‘Mincecore Fever’ discography that collected their early splits. The recording is very raw, even for Archag, which again is always going to appeal to me. Unfortunately the Archagathus side of the split isn’t available to download, but go ahead and stream it until you can snag a physical copy or a download’s available. Obviously excellent!

Archagathus Bandcamp / Hyperemesis Bandcamp


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