Festering Recto Gangrenous Slime is a two man Goregrind project from the US. As much as I find personally that the band overuses some of the more tired tropes of Goregrind aesthetically, sonically their particular brand of Death Metal-ish Gore is very enjoyable. The Drum programming is quite varied in terms of pace, and the vocal is suitably shifted, low and disgusting. What intrigues me most about F.R.G.S. is the Guitars; there’s some really Sabbathy shit going on here, particularly on opening track ‘Macerated Tits(?)’, as well as classic style Death Metal riffs and more traditional Gore grooves. The whole record has a real bedroom demo feel also, which I always dig. Punk, Doomy, Sludgy and Gory, it’s nice to hear a band confidently draw from different styles of extreme music as influence. A good demo from a band to watch.


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