Orange Annihilator is the Noise project of George Moore, also of The Cryptic Yeast and Prime Eggsample Records. ‘Candidate For Heart Disease’ comprises 6 tracks of Harsh Noise/Drone/Harsh Ambient. Droning waves of crackling sound wash over each other, making way for timbre/volume swells, and climactic, orgasmic sonic peaks, with a focus more on Drones than cut ups. Enveloping, unsettling, vast and punishing. The palette of sounds is pretty wide, covering ground between HNW and minimalist sound scape, and makes use of sampling and occasional fractured melodies. Texturally these tracks are really interesting, perhaps owing to the use of a Guitar to create some of the Noise found here, and there’s a sense of space between noises, creating a dynamically Harsh sounding but not overly dense listening experience. Dig.



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