Internal Rot is a Grindcore 3 piece from Australia, featuring members of Agents Of Abhorrence, Super Fun Happy Slide and Roskopp, and in all likelihood others. 6 tracks of girthy, fattened, Bogan 90’s Grindcore. A cohesion of Crust Punk bile, Death Metal obesity and Grindcore intensity. Torrential blast beats with lots of Punk breakdowns, slabs of beefy Guitar buzz and deranged low end vocal blurt/manic high shriek combo platter. I can’t nail down specifically why, but this is an instant classic record for me; the combined elements completely nail that classic 90’s US Grindcore sound, and more importantly the vibe. The band get a lot of comparisons to Excruciating Terror, a comparison they aren’t and shouldn’t be ashamed of, but I feel there’s a broader 90’s sound going on here than just worshiping one band. I would say there’s a dose of Benumb in here, little bits of Disrupt, little bits of Assuck, perhaps even a pinch of Enemy Soil, and Internal Rot makes these sounds firmly theirs. As I said before, to me this is a classic modern Grindcore EP. If you enjoy any of the other bands mentioned here, you’re gonna want to check this one out.



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