Bruising Deathgrind from Canadian outfit Bungus. 20 quick tracks of stodgy, dank Deathgrind, combining Thrashy Hardcore elements and whirlwind Death Metal with aplomb. The recording quality is loud and clear but not clean, with lots of grit in their chugging Guitars and throaty vocal shriek/growl, and particular clarity in the Drum sound. There’s plenty of variation on these songs, with lots of downturns into slow-ass Sludge sections and mid paced Death Metal stomp. As I’ve mention elsewhere on GonzoK, I find Deathgrind very hit or miss, but there’s enough Punk, spit and grime here to keep me happy, and Bungus do an excellent job of balancing their influences and sound, keeping their material cohesive and riffy, yet brutal and primal. One problem I do have is that occasionally the vocal drifts into inhale-sounding growl, which really doesn’t do it for me but might not be an issue for you. Check it out!



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