Mince/Grind/Gore split from Reekorrhoea from Canada and Pyemesis from Ireland, both one man projects. Pyemesis serves up 7 tracks of pulverising, obese Goregrind, with barely audible groovy riffs, hammering programmed Drums and retching howling vocal, and pathological samples. Quite straight forward, but well executed nonetheless, with a massive, destroyed production. Unfortunately, the Pyemesis side of the split is currently unavailable to download, but stream it for now until you can get hold of a physical copy. Eric, the maniac behind these sounds, is also responsible for the more Carcass-y Hydropneumothorax, and is currently in a hole learning to play blast beats so he can ditch the Drum machine and crack on with a new project, so get stoked on that! Also, i’ve included the artwork from the Pyemesis Bandcamp page for this release, however this image will not be the artwork for the physical release. Reekorrhoea, one of Andy Ringdahl’s myriad and nefarious Gore/Mince/Noise projects, here delivers 7 ropey, stripped down MinceGore clotheslines. Unweildy Drum machine bludgeon, echo-y buzzing Guitar and/or Bass trauma and gurgled, inbred vocal grunt. Admittedly there’s nothing new from Andy here, but that doesn’t stop me diggin’ his obsession with creating totally backward, punk as fuck Goregrind/Mincecore/Noisecore devastation. Great split.

Pyemesis Bandcamp / Reekorrhoea Bandcamp


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