Jucifer are a notorious Noise Rock/Doom/Sludge two piece from the States with a fairly large and varied discography. This release is a Grindcore Karaoke re-issue of an older cassette, remastered by Scott Hull and given a cover. This is one of my favourite Grindcore Karaoke releases, showcasing Jucifer at an early, primal stage in their evolution. Muddy, murky Noise Rock/Sludge with sombre melodies buried in waves of distorted, buzzed-out Guitar and thunderous Drums. The restrained vocal performance of Amber Valentine is caustic and pained, and perfectly reflects the burnt out Hippy nihilism of Jucifer’s world. The production, although cleaned up and fleshed out somewhat, still maintains a gnarly 4 track sound, perfectly capturing Jucifer’s emotionally brutal, heavy vibe. Down-tempo, miserable, crushing, primordial. The ‘liner notes’ written by Valentine offer an insight into an era when the band truly suffered for their art; it’s a nice touch. An important part of Jucifer’s history, showing them at arguably their grimiest, most minimalist and ‘Punk’. Essential!



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