Dethroned Emperor is a Death/Grind two piece from the States. This short 2 track release is blistering, harsh Death Metal/Grindcore, with a really beefy Guitar tone, savage low vocal howl and thrashy, punky blast beats. Dark, raging and monumental. An obvious comparison can be made to Assuck, however I feel Dethroned Emperor have a far more loose, punk delivery. More comparison can be drawn with bands like Misery Index or Death Metal like Incantation or Malevolent Creation. I enjoy Deathgrind when the elements sit comfortably together; too melodic and it may as well be heavier, slower and deathy-er(?), too sloppy and It may as well go full frontal Grindcore. I do find though that Dethroned Emperor do a good balancing act on this release though, with enough savagery and riff to warrant the mix of sounds. Their later stuff leans too hard on 90’s Death Metal for me; this one is excellent though. Cool artwork too.



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