Kawarime EP

Dystopian Chic is another Vaporwave/Synthwave/’Funk Noir’ project from the States. This little EP covers a fair amount of ground from smooth Funk, deep Ambient and cheese Rock, all wraped in a shiny, crisp and 80’s production. The interplay between disparate tracks, woven together with a vista-sheen production, makes for an Ambient, relaxed and thoughtful experience. There’s flourishes of Saxophone drenched in reverb, driving Synth rhythm parts, Ambient passages built from layers of incidental melodies that climax blissfully, and a sense of minimalism that makes the whole recording sleek and smooth. Calming, ponderous, cheesy and intriguing. Conjures images of automaton consumerist culture recycling itself into lush, bright oblivion. Excellent.

ZippyShare – Liked from Dytopian Chic’s Soundcloud page



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