Andy of Captain Three Leg, Mortville Noise and a load of other bands has kindly agreed to review a few records he’s downloaded recently, here’s his first pick:

This power rock trio hails from a most unlikely Dubuque, IA. I learned of them a couple of years ago when I was playing in a throwback rock ‘n’ roll band, myself. A friend suggested I contact them for a show, claiming they were mining the same territory as us. There were enough similarities to warrant the recommendation, but that show never happened. Dubuque is a long drive and the collective laziness within our band squashed any chance of this ever happening. Had I not been playing in that stupid band of mine, I never would have heard about these guys. I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse of this scene, but I don’t hear any mention of these guys, ever, and I live in the same state as them. It’s a shame. If you’re into this sort of thing you could do a lot worse. More straight faced than Ohio’s Hep*Z and way more tounge-in-cheek than ZZ Top, Legal Fingers draw more from the dirty rock music of the 70s than the hair metal scene of the 80s, but there are are elements of both in their music. The riffing is just right for this sort of thing; concise and free of clutter. The only wanking to speak of occurs in the form of lead guitar breaks, but they’re usually on point and add to the song instead of forced and annoying. The lyrics are juvenile and mostly deal with the pursuit of sex. It’s a little over the top for my tastes, but I’ve always been turned off by overtly sexual themes in music. Overall, this sounds like three friends being ridiculous and having fun in a basement and the homegrown, gritty recording captures that perfectly. Everything is well represented in the mix and recorded dirty enough that it sounds like a skilled home recording instead of a studio job. 8 tracks in 30 minutes, slightly testing my attention span for this kind of thing, but I don’t find myself wanting to turn it off if I’m in the right mood.



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