Andy of Captain Three Leg, Mortville Noise and a load of other bands has kindly agreed to review a few records he’s downloaded recently, here’s his second pick:

“The First Fifty-Five” is a 36 minute work made up of 55 solo piano songs, all untitled. The songs range from 14 seconds to a whopping 1:57, but most clock in at around 30 seconds. Individually, some of the songs sound as if they they’re part of a sketchbook; rough ideas recorded with the intention of fleshing out later. Others sound as if they might be fully realized songs, illustrating just how much can be done working with the short song medium. The music itself is fairly straight. If people find this avant-garde at all, it’s likely because of its composition being made up of such small parts. Strung together, they create a sprawling, whimsical, almost narrative effect with highs and lows, recurring themes. Most of this is light and jazzy sounding, but there are some very dark and moody moments that kept me guessing what would come next. The minimal cover art perfectly captures the range of emotions contained within the music. It’s quirky, happy and sad at once. I’m not familiar enough with this kind of music to make comparisons, but Greg is a talented guy, a competent player and has a deep appreciation of music in all genres. This is as good of a place as any to take on his vast body of work.


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