Kompound is an affiliated crew of ShedDwellaz/Shadow People/Doomryderz and featured DJ Eons One and the late, great Stinkweed Kuklinski, also of Grindcore legends Plutocracy, No Le$$ and many others. If you are familiar with any of the other West Bay Coalition Rap records, you’ll know to expect aggressive, outspoken rhymes about criminal activity, drug abuse and mental instability spat over hazed, grimy, old school east coast meets west coast productions. Sonically Kompound has a very 90’s, RZA influenced vibe, with heavy, ropey Bass lines and raw cut Beats, but the mentality of the voices present here are firmly west coast gang bangin’, which makes for an awesome listen if your into this kind of sound. Sleazy, pissed off, criminal, and completely ill. As with all Stinkweed affiliated projects, this one comes massively recommended; don’t sleep on it.



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