Captain Three Leg are well known for disregarding genre or listener expectations/limitations, something which I personally have always admired in any band/musician. With ‘3516’, the Captain released what is likely their most alienating record to unsuspecting Grindcore fans; a lush sounding, blissful Space Rock/Prog/Ambient record, entirely instrumental. There’s Classic Rock riffs, sweeping melodies, moments of Jazz/Fusion rhythm, and a complete disregard for expectation. The instrumentation is not without complexity and arrangement, but entirely avoids any sense of pretension, something which all too many Prog/Instrumental Rock albums suffer from. The hypnotic melodies drenched in reverb, laid back Drumming, drifting Ambient passages and spacious tones make for an excellent, rewarding listen.  The vibe of this record is thoughtful and relaxing, reminding me at times of Rush, Can, Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind and others, although the record never feels like a pastiche of any of the above bands or their influences. As with any sound Captain Three Leg have turned their hand to, they make it their own and put their stamp on it. I would recommend this to fans of the more fun/weird ‘Return to The Space Hole’ release, or any of the above mentioned bands. Apparently this record lost Captain Three Leg a lot of fans. Good.



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