Super short and super sweet release from Pointless Records, LinesInWax/Gonzo Sean’s label. Sean’s one man Noisecore project Clunge occupies one half of this lathe release, with four tracks of crusty, pissed off Noisecore blasts. Very raw, unwieldy and aggravated, with some Crust riffs and D beats, lots of blast beats, really pissed shriek vocal and political samples throughout. The other side of the spit is one track/two ‘songs’ from Canada’s one man Gore champion Hyperemesis. I’m sure by now you know to expect stampeding Mince parts, blast beats, Sludge Guitars, mad ringing Snares and gross vomiting vocal spew. Despite the length of this release a lot of ground is covered and the two sounds here compliment each other well. If you own one of the 10 lathe cuts Sean released here, you are an underground icon. If you don’t, go download it.

Pointless Records / Hyperemesis Bandcamp


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