I will preface this review by saying I’m a die hard Kaiju movie fan, so this was always going to appeal to me, but being as it’s another project from hyperactive Gore wizard Andy Ringdahl and everything the dude does is great, maybe I’m not so biased. Gabara features Cody on Drums, also of the legendary Mince band LT. Dan, as well as the excellent Total Hipster Crusher and Abe Lincoln amongst others, so this isn’t one of Andy’s one man endeavors. Gabara plays city wasting Mincecore, with elements of Goregrind, lots of blast beats and super puke Godzilla shriek vocal. This Demo is 4 tracks in less than 3 minutes, so here’s hoping we get more of this Kaiju Mincing insanity. In all honesty what’s not to like? Nothin’. Go download it.



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