The definitive Cellgraft release. These three guys tore it up for about four years before splitting, championing their blistering Grindcore assault via free downloads. Their self titled Demo release is also excellent, and ‘Deception Schematic’ and the Cellgraft LP are also good, despite the diminished, more Death Metal production on those two. However, in my opinion ‘External Habitation’ is the Cellgraft high water mark. The Guitar sounds here are absolutely white hot, sounding literally like falling sheets of molten metal, and approach Harsh Noise in terms of both density and intensity, and the cacophonous Drumming and vocal vortex underpin the very lean song structures, which are kind of a mix between Death Metal-ish Assuck and stop on a dime Discordance Axis arrangements. What distinguishes Cellgraft from the above two bands, though, is the sheer damaging quality of the recording, which is something that Death-y Grindcore all too often lacks. I recently re-visited this record and was once again blown away by the ferocity Cellgraft mustered here; I would go so far as to say that this is one of the best Grindcore releases of the last decade. If you missed it, go get it!

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