On their Bandcamp page Battalion Slaughtered refer to their sound as ‘Gore Grinding Bolt Throwing Annihilation’, and I’ll be damned if I can describe them any better. A head on collision between putrid, Mincing Gore and Bolt Thrower style stomping Death Metal, with Mecha warfare on the brain. Massive lumbering Autopsy riffs give way to slimy sounding Gore bridges, which in turn follow into double bass driven, mid paced Death Metal crush. The Guitar tone is somewhere between Entombed chainsaw buzz and Goregrind walls of slop, the Drums are surprisingly hard hitting and crisp, and the super low low vocal wraps it all up grossly. I believe this is another project of the maniac behind the also fantastic and weird 30XX, so if you dig that stuff check this out, but if you dig on old Death Metal or Gore you can’t really go wrong here.



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