A split between two one man Grindcore/Gore/Mince projects from Canada. Cistemized Vio-lence plays a grotesque, lo-fi concoction of Crust, Mince and primitive Metal, their side of the tape being 5 tracks and a Totalitar cover. Stomping Mincing Crust jams with D Beats, flat out blasting Noise sections and groaning vocal that has an almost Black Metal vibe at times. There is also a certain Gory sensibility but it doesn’t override the raw, sloppy Celtic Frost/Metal sound here. Some of the tracks are clearly from different recording sessions, which can be irritating because the volume levels are different from track to track. The Metastasis side is more cohesive; their caustic, destructive Mince/Gore attack slams into your head like a flying vegan-leather jackboot. The Guitar has that super raw 4 track tape sound, and this combined with the Drum and Vocal stew creates a very Sludgy but still hammering 8 tracks. Thrashing Grind, Mincing stomp parts and some intricacy between the Guitar and Drums in terms of structure create a very enjoyable and at times catchy listen. The vocal also has that awesome ‘dude retching through a ham sandwich’ vibe which sounds great on this kind of slop. Overall this split is yet another testament to the strength of the Canadian Grindcore scene, and well worth your listening time!

Cistemized Viol-lence Bandcamp / Metastasis Bandcamp


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  1. Dear Gonzo Karaoke,

    My apologies for the comment, I cannot find contact info anywhere on your blog.

    Alex from Grind to Death recommended your blog, and said you might be interested in reviewing our debut single.

    Street Sects is a new sample/noise/hardcore based duo from Austin, Texas. We would like to send you a copy of our upcoming debut 7″ single to be considered for support/distribution. I’m not sure exactly what your label does, other than that youguys clearly focus on good music. Would you be willing to provide us with an address to send the record to? Also, the link to hear the record on Bandcamp is below:


    Thank you for your time,
    L.A. & S.R.

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