Foot Village are/were a very freaky Noise/Tribal group from the states, with lots of releases both free and available for purchase at their bandcamp page. ‘Friendship Nation’ is 8 tracks long, with 5 remixes by similarly minded Noise groups and bands. Earthy, Percussion/Vocal based Noise layered in shrieking/grunting vocal, with improvised sounding free-associative Drumming and a level of intensity that demands attention. Songs about piss and drugs. Woven throughout all this are synthy sounds and distorted vocal, and occasional breaks in the Drums to allow for stream of consciousness chanting and ranting, creating an overall vibrant, tribal, party-vibe Noise record. Of the remixes the most notable to my ears is Silver Dagger’s take; a very subtle re-imagining of the Foot Village sound, cleverly referencing their own whacked out hippy sounds, shifting the onus onto more repetition and a barrage of clipped samples. The Tussle remix has a similar feel, introducing what sounds like pedal effects to the mix. This is highly recommended to those who like their Noise of the organic flavor, or those who like their sounds face-first Gonzo. I love this band! If you like this you can pick up a physical copy here.



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