I’m reviewing this great compilation to draw some attention to Tankcrimes, an amazing label in California that deals in Grindcore, Death Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Grunge. Here you get a nice cross section of the kind of music on offer at Tankcrimes. 21 tracks spanning the above mentioned genres, all with a similarly gnarly, blown out skate vibe. This is like getting a mixtape from your older, burnt-out hesher cousin, filled with rad Thrash, Death Metal and tripped out, riffy Hardcore. I will admit I had heard a lot of these songs elsewhere, however this compilation turned me on to Face The Rail, an awesome Thrash/Surf/Punk band with a heavy 70’s vibe, and Direct Control, who sound like meth heads playing Thrash faster than their abilities allow. Also, Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s ‘Alcohol’ cover is as good as the Gang Green original, in my humble opinion. An overall highly recommended release! If you dig this the go scope out Tankcrimes, they have a great bandcamp page with a few free download releases, I’m going to review some of that stuff in the coming days. Get rad!



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