Tension. The Pride of Orange County. 4 songs of grindcore powerviolence done right and with style. This is one highly moshable slice of music right here. These three young gentlemen bring the heavy like a junior Despise You with a dash of legendary (and underrated) east coast sound via’ Cattlepress & Entropy. Every single one of these tracks destroy! My only complaint is that it should be longer. Luckily, you can surf on over to their label 36 Chambers of Thrash (AWESOME NAME!) and indulge yourself in not only other Tension releases, but a whole horde or other projects the band members happen to be involved in. All top notch stuff. Tension are definitely grindworthy contenders for the throne of “Most Brutal Southern California Band”. You can download their releases for free at the site listed below (not only that, but they are fellow bloggers as well & have awesome tastes in music), but if you have the spare dough, you shouldn’t hesitate & go donate to the worthy cause of having your fucking skull melted by these guys.


1 comment
  1. chris said:

    wow dude thank you so much for the kind words! glad you enjoyed!

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