This is the most Grindcore fun your going to have this year. Captain Three Leg are a total legacy act,  (usually) a two piece from Iowa that change their sound all the time. Their stuff ranges from boombox Noisecore, beefy Goregrind to instrumental space rock. This release is a collection of micro songs from classic Grindcore and Hardcore bands, played back to back and fast as shit. Very silly, very heavy and really captures the spirit of OG, un-serious and brutally fast Grind. You can get this one from either Andy’s Captain Three Leg bandcamp or Grindcore Karaoke – for free, of course. If you are bored of technical, produced Grindcore or rehashed so-called ‘Power Violence’, the likes which is everywhere and seemingly very popular, then this is for you.

GK#443 / Captain Three Leg

Listen to the version that’s one complete track, rather than the tracks individually separated, to feel the full force and momentum of this release.


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